Fly Now Pay Later – Everything You Need to Know in 2024

Fly Now Pay Later – Everything You Need to Know in 2024

Do you want to explore exotic destinations but have budget limitations and other constraints? Fly Now, Pay Later (FNPL) is the right solution for you.

The deferred payment service lets you finance your emergency trips and yearly vacations under your budget. Furthermore, you can cover miscellaneous travel expenses like flights, hotels, etc., through the FNPL mechanism.

This blog post will help you benefit from the Fly Now, Pay Later option and explore numerous destinations worldwide.

What Do You Mean By Fly Now, Pay Later?

Fly Now, Pay Later is a modern concept that helps people spread the cost of their vacations over time. As a result, you can accomplish your traveling objectives under your budget.

Fly Now, Pay Later, commonly called FNPL, allows aspiring travelers to visit various touring destinations across the globe.

In addition, they can benefit from flexible financing options, enabling them to pay the due amount in easy monthly installments.

How Many Types of Travel Expenses Fly Now, Pay Later Cover?

As a convenient payment mechanism, Fly Now, Pay Later enables you to finance different travel expenses, depending on your preferences.

Here is the list that includes various travel expenses covered by FNPL:

  • Cruises
  • Flights
  • Vacation Packages
  • Hotels
  • Attractions

Key Advantages of the Fly Now, Pay Later Option

The Fly Now Pay Later financing method offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Flexible Financing
  • Availability of FNPL Providers
  • Peace of Mind

Flexible Financing

The best thing about FNPL is its flexible financing feature that lets travelers manage their vacations using simple and affordable installments.

This way, they can divide the whole cost into manageable installments and reap the rewards of the Fly Now Payment Plan hassle-free.

Availability of FNPL Providers

Fortunately, travelers can turn to numerous airlines and online agencies offering Fly Now and Pay Later services. Thus, they can appropriately plan and finance their vacations.

Peace of Mind

The FNPL (Fly Now, Pay Later) option provides peace of mind to travelers worldwide. They can easily make travel plans according to their preferences.

Furthermore, they only need to pay part of the amount upfront when booking flights.

Fly Now, Pay Later Airlines

Different airlines offer an appealing Fly Now, Pay Later Flights option to keep their current and potential customers engaged with them.

Here is the list that consists of several airlines providing the Fly Now, Pay Later facility:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • AeroMexico
  • Allegiant
  • American Airlines
  • Azul Airlines
  • Delta
  • Frontier Airlines
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa

Fly Now and Pay Later Traveling Agencies

Airlines aside, various online traveling agencies help customers achieve their traveling objectives according to their budget.

Here are some prominent traveling agencies offering customers the much-needed Fly Now, Pay Later feature:

  • Priceline
  • Funjet Vacations
  • Alternative Airlines
  • CheapOair

The Payment Plans WC plugin is an excellent choice if you own an online traveling agency and want to streamline the customers’ ticketing process.

You can integrate the payment plans into customers’ tickets through this plugin. As a result, you can boost your sales and reap the rewards of the Fly Now, Pay Later option.

Travel Now, Pay Later Market (Current & Future Scenario)

Travel is included in the best BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) categories worldwide.

Moreover, the Travel Now, Pay Later market has become one of the fastest-growing markets in recent years. It was valued at US$ 34.64 billion in 2022.

The market will grow at a reasonable rate of 9.17% in the coming years (2023 – 2030). It means the market will touch US$ 66.39 billion by 2030.

How Can Fly Now, Pay Later Transform the Travel Industry?

Recently, Play, a prominent airline, has collaborated with Uplift to offer new and existing customers an affordable yet results-driven FNPL flight facility.

Uplift, a famous fintech company offering clients flexible payment services, has partnered with 300+ airlines, resorts, and other travel service providers to boost FNPL services globally.

Fly Now, Pay Later Limitations

The Fly Now, Pay Later option has one downside: credit checks. FNPL service providers will conduct a comprehensive credit check to determine a potential applicant’s financial credibility.

If you do not pay your monthly dues regularly, it will reduce your credit score.

Wrapping Up

Fly Now, Pay Later is a relatively new concept but can potentially revolutionize the travel industry worldwide. According to this notion, travelers can visit their preferred destinations without issues.

Simply put, FNPL is not just a payment mechanism. The main motive behind this concept is to make traveling accessible and affordable for everyone globally.

The good thing is that the Fly Now, Pay Later option is evolving rapidly. Therefore, we hope to see more innovations that will transform the travel industry in the future.

The Fly Now, Pay Later facility provides customers flexibility and peace of mind. It also enables them to cover multiple expenses all in one place hassle-free.


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