Top 7 Fly Now, Pay Later Platforms that Offer Payment Plans on Holidays

Top 7 Fly Now, Pay Later Platforms that Offer Payment Plans on Holidays

We can safely assume that traveling is everybody’s dream. Unfortunately, not everyone can fulfill this dream. Regional restrictions, cost, and other barriers prevent them from achieving their traveling objectives.

Thanks to the notion, formally called Fly Now, Pay Later can help millions of aspiring travelers visit popular destinations worldwide.

Different Fly Now and Pay Later platforms enable travelers to visit their favorite destinations by booking flights without stretching their budgets.

This blog post will describe the leading Fly Now, Pay Later platforms that make traveling accessible and memorable for travelers by providing flexible payment plans.

What Do You Mean By Fly Now, Pay Later?

When spreading the cost of your vacation over time, the Fly Now, Pay Later becomes an excellent option. Fly Now and Pay Later platforms enable travelers to accomplish their traveling dreams without breaking the bank.

Fortunately, the Fly Now, Pay Later option helps you cover all your travel expenses, including:

  • Vacation Packages
  • Hotels
  • Cruises
  • Attractions
  • Flights

How Do Fly Now, Pay Later Platforms Work?

How Do Fly Now, Pay Later Platforms Work-

Fly Now, Pay Later (FNPL) platforms or services are a blessing in disguise for travelers who want to visit popular destinations worldwide.

However, they cannot achieve this objective due to budget and other limitations. Luckily, they can benefit from the Fly Now payment plan.

Through this plan, they can pay a small amount of the entire balance upfront. Furthermore, they must pay the remaining amount over time in small, manageable installments.

If you do not have the entire amount to cover your traveling and other related expenses, use the Fly Now payment plan and take a big sigh of relief.

7 Best Fly Now, Pay Later Platforms With Affordable Holiday Payment Plans

Fly Now, Pay Later services help travelers visit numerous popular destinations according to their preferences. For your ease, we have described the top 7 Fly Now, Pay Later (FNPL) providers that offer flexible holiday payment plans to users below:

1. Uplift


Uplift is one of the market’s most famous Buy Now, Pay Later platforms. The platform enables users to fulfill their traveling needs over time through flexible payment plans.

In addition, Uplift has joined hands with several travel companies, including vacation package providers, hotels, airlines, and rental car service providers.

As a result, customers can fully utilize Uplift by financing multiple travel expenses. This feature makes Uplift an attractive yet all-around platform for people who wish to travel to various countries without financial strain.

Salient Features of Uplift

  • The platform covers various travel purchases.
  • Customers can take advantage of simple and fast application processes.
  • Travelers can choose their desired payment plans and manage their expenses under their budget.

2. Travelup


Travelup is another affordable yet impactful online travel agency that offers various travel-focused services, such as travel insurance, hotels, car hire, and pay-later flights.

The platform offers an attractive Fly Now, Pay Later facility to new and seasoned travelers worldwide. Travelers can use this facility to finance multiple traveling expenses and book affordable flight packages.

Travelup has collaborated with leading airlines, including Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, and many more. This platform allows travelers to book hotels cheaply and benefit from various accommodation options suitable for all preferences.

Salient Features of Travelup

  • The platform supports various travel purchases like Uplift.
  • Customers can take advantage of simple application processes.
  • Customer support is available to solve customer concerns instantly.
  • The platform allows users to select affordable and flexible payment plans.

3. Zilch


Zilch has become a notable Travel Now, Pay Later service that excels in the travel niche through its uncommon payment model: virtual card.

Travelers can use its virtual MasterCard by logging into their Zilch accounts.

Salient Features of Zilch

  • The platform allows customers to book and pay for travel expenses with its virtual card.
  • Customers can use virtual cards and make purchases at merchants that support MasterCard.

4. Afterpay


Afterpay is a famous brand in the payment plan industry. The platform is widely available through several travel agencies, and customers are attracted to it through the Fly Now, Pay Later option.

Like Uplift and Travelup, Afterpay helps customers split payments into affordable installments. Depending on your budget, you can use the Fly Now, Pay Later (FNPL) option to pay your dues within 6 or 12 months in four easy installments.

Salient Features of Afterpay

  • Customers can pay their dues through simple and manageable installments.
  • The account creation process is easy; users can complete it in simple steps.
  • The platform has collaborated with top e-commerce brands.

5. Affirm


Affirm is an excellent Fly Now, Pay Later platform that allows users to cover their travel expenses without breaking the bank. The service has joined hands with CheapOair, JustFly, American Airlines, etc., to help users accomplish their traveling dreams.

Salient Features of Affirm

  • The service offers an impressive virtual card like Zilch.
  • The platform offers an attractive mobile app and a user-friendly website.

6. PerPay


PerPay also lets travelers fulfill their traveling desires by financing their vacations with an impressive Fly Now, Pay Later option. You can still take advantage of PerPay if you have a bad rating.

The platform also helps customers build healthy credit histories. Similarly, you can manage your payment plans by selecting your desired traveling packages.

Salient Features of PerPay

  • The service helps users build a good credit history.
  • The platform offers an informative and user-friendly website.
  • Customers can benefit from its mobile app.

7. Zip


Zip is one of the leading split payment or Fly Now, Pay Later providers you can use to avail of Pay Later flight features without issues.

Interestingly, Alternative Airlines also supports Zip for flight booking. Zip also offers unique virtual cards like Affirm and Zilch.

Various popular brands, such as Delta, Trivago, Emirates, and others, have collaborated with Zip to make traveling accessible and budget-friendly.

Salient Features of Zip

  • The service offers an excellent virtual card.
  • It has an impressive mobile app for existing and new customers.
  • The official website is helpful and includes all the required information.

Fly Now, Pay Later Airlines

Travelers have unlimited options when accomplishing their missions according to their budget and other preferences. That’s because various airlines offer pay-later flight features to customers globally.

Here are the leading Fly Now, Pay Later Airlines that provide customers pay later flights facilities:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Allegiant
  • American Airlines
  • Azul
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Emirates
  • KLM
  • Porter Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • United Airlines
  • Sunwing
  • Southwest

Travel and Tourism Market (Present and Future Potential)

The global travel and tourism market expects massive revenue in the coming years. Revenue will reach US$927.30 billion in 2024, and the market will expand at a reasonable rate of 3.47%.

Consequently, the market volume will reach US$446.50 billion by 2028.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope you have liked our blog post comprehensively highlighting the importance of Fly Now, Pay Later platforms. Through the Fly Now payment plan, one can easily accomplish traveling goals by touring multiple destinations globally.

Fly Now and Pay Later platforms or services are excellent options for planning vacations and other traveling expenses without stretching your budget.


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