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Online Course


A musician wants to offer an online course on how to play the guitar. The base price is $1,000, and this person would like to offer customers the ability to pay the $1,000 upfront, or 4 payments of $250.00, billed every month.

Setup and Configuration

Create Product

We’ll need to first create this product.

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, click Products.
  2. Click the Add New button on the top of the.
  3. In the Product data dropdown list, select Simple Product.
  4. Click on the checkbox for Virtual.

General Tab


  • As the product is Virtual, there is no need to ship anything
  • Enter a Regular Price ($) of $1,000

Add Payment Plan

  1. Go to Product Data > Payment Plans.
  2. Click Add Plan to add a payment plan. Every plan that you add here will create an option that customers can choose above the Add to cart button.
  3. Set the terms for the payment plan, including pricebilling intervalbilling period, and length.
  4. Optionally uncheck One-time purchase to prevent customers from purchasing the product one-off. Note: if you only add a payment plan and disable One-time purchase, customers will not be offered any options above the Add to cart button.
  5. Optionally, If applicable, use the Default to field to set the preselected option.This is applicable only when One-time purchase is enabled.
  6. Optionally enter a custom Subtext. This is the text displayed below the available purchase plans on the product page.
  7. Optionally enter a custom Description. This is the text displayed below the Subtext on the product page.
  8. Click Update.

Payment Plans Tab

  • The product has its Billing Interval set to every month
  • The product has its Billing Length set to 4 months
  • The product has its Regular Price ($) set to $250.00


When purchasing a product with payment plans, customers may choose to pay with a payment plan or pay in full before clicking the  Add to cart button. For example, the Guitar Course can be purchased with a payment plan or paid in full:

Publish the payment plan and you’re all set!


Questions and Feedback

Should you need any further assistance regarding this plugin, feel free to contact us at support@paymentplanswc.com and we’ll have our support team look into the issue for you.

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